Dream big!

Dream big!

Do you have a dream, or dreams, or none? 

I assume that most of us were big dreamers when we were little. As we grow up our dreams change but the core, the reason of the dream, the "Why" doesn't change, I guess. However, they fade out as we grow old, we don’t dream as much and most of us don’t learn how to achieve our dreams or we have no one to ask in our immediate environment... Some might know how to dream but not many people know how to achieve these dreams. Most of the time our lack of self-belief, faith or fear is too big and overwhelming for us to take actions. I am talking about those dreams that fill your heart with content.
When we were children, we had more self-confidence and were brave to take on adventures.

When we were children our parents would ask us, "what do you wanna be?"

A child could say, "I want to be a musician"

The parents’ response "That's amazing you can be that!" 

When the child turned 18, the parent would then change the question to "what are you going to do?" 

Then if the response was the same "I told you I want to be a musician"
The parents’ response would also change "Are you serious? Be more realistic, do you know how hard it is to make a living as a musician?" 

Does this relate to you? 
We live in such a fixed mindset society and of course if we live in that space, we easily lose our dreams. 
We hear often "that is impossible" "Not realistic" "It's not for me" "I am not good enough" " I cannot do that" "That is too difficult. "you cannot do that"
Most people choose to listen to those words instead of 
"How can I do that" "I am good enough" "I am amazing" "I am unique"
"I will try" "I love the challenge" "I believe in myself and that I can do that" 

If someone had encouraged you to believe that you could do it, do you think you would live your life differently and enjoy your life more? 
If we had been surrounded by more positive responses, what would our lifestyle be like now? 
Honestly, when I became aware of this, and started connecting with positive like-minded people, you start having your dreams back again. Isn't it amazing? 
Not everybody can realise and choose this option. But, when you really listen to your heart, follow and start taking some actions. Your life will change. 
If you wanna change how you live your life, you have to change how you live your life. We need to take responsibility for our life. Realise and find like-minded people to support each other's dreams and enjoy the process of your life story and have fun! You have the option to believe what words you wanna believe. You can do it. Dream big and take action!