Reusable organic Beeswax food wrap 3 set

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Zero waste reusable organic Beeswax wrap set of 3

Beeswax Food Wrap Pack Including: 

S*1pc    7*8inch      (17.5*20cm)

M*1pc  10*11inch    (25*27.5cm)

L*1pc   13*14inch    (33*35cm)


*Zero waste, eco friendly, reusable, sustainable product and 100% biodegradable Great alternative to plastic wraps/bags. 
*Easy to use and take care made from Organic Beeswax, Jojoba oil, Cotton and Tree Resin. All organic, biodegradable and sustainable ingredients.
*These beeswax wraps are cotton that has been dipped in harvested beeswax.  *Not to mention the jojoba oils and Pine resin used, they smell nice & fresh.
*The tree resin provides natural anti-bacterial properties. All-natural, BPA FREE, CHEMICAL FREE.

    Wrapping such as fruit, veggies, cheese, cold food, sandwich and put them in the fridge. Also covering salad bowls too.  The wraps last approximately between 100-150 uses. The organic beeswax and resin make it very sturdy and resistant to fraying. Simply rinse it in cold water and leave out to dry. Recommend using with eco-friendly soap.

    Beeswax wrap cannot be microwaved or washed in hot water or cover hot food. If the beeswax wrap is sticky that means wax is melting due to high temperature. In this case, you can simply put it in a refrigerator for a little bit then it will be usable again. 

    Eco and Moco
    EARTH-FRIENDLY Brand and Australian design based in Perth, WA. We try our best for our planet + No plastic PACKAGINGS + 100% Carbon NEUTRAL DELIVERY + Plant a tree from your order. We choose natural, sustainable, organic, reusable and plastic-free alternative products as much as possible. We envision a peaceful and sustainable environment, living in harmony with nature = "Be More Nature," building a sustainable environment.