The Smile Book

We would like to share with you that we have started an exciting
project called the “Smile Book Project”.

This future project has as its main goal to make as many people as possible smile.

I have a notebook in which I’ve gathered encouraging and
heart-warming positive words of support and care from family and
friends. Some of which I've created and others are from the Internet. I read
this notebook to cheer / lift me up to make me feel better when I am feeling low.
This notebook is such a powerful tool for me because so much love and care has been placed into it through family members and friends. 
I feel loved and not alone. Reading the notebook makes me
absolutely grateful for family and friends.

One day, I was thinking of putting pictures of my family members and
friends on the notebook next to their messages so that I would
be able able to think about them more. Then, I had an idea
of making a smile book that is similar to my notebook.
This book has contagious smiles and sweet heart-warming messages
from more than 150 people.

The purpose of the book is to simply make people smile – to make them feel better. When conducting the project, connections will grow and new friendships will form. I truly believe that doing things together brings us closer. Think about how friendships start when we are children.

I can see that we live in a society which causes us to be anxious, worried, feel insecure and stressed mainly due to this lack of human connection. More people are disconnected nowadays. I believe the key to making our society a better place to live in is to love, care for and show acts of kindness to one another. We are living in the same world and we are all humans. 

Hence, we want to spread this idea through doing
something fun as our contribution to our society.
Imagine if all of us were friends, there would be no shouting on the road,
no violence, no racial discrimination, no war! 
We would help each other more to make a better environment.

PS, The Smile Book will be a non profit book. All profits from the sale will be contributed to a mental health charity, towards future projects and to cover essential costs. Hopefully, one day we can do larger projects to help more brothers and sisters on earth. 
We would love to be a part of the change to make a better world.

Thank you for taking time to read.
Founder of Eco and Moco

I want to be a part of The Smile Book Project!
I'm joining!