"Tell Me"

Let's get to know each other!  I don't wanna spend time on talking about the usual everyday topics.  
Are you ready to be open and have a good conversation with me? 
The rule is being open, honest and authentic! Be you and tell me about your ideas, opinions and perceptions! Let's have some deep chats!

Nagisa, Founder of Eco and Moco has been creating and putting together  approximately 150 to 200 questions that go on a set of cards for everybody to connect better and deeper with others. This set of cards will help you to spend some good quality time together with your family, friends, your partner and maybe just for yourself too! 

The purpose of these cards is to simply devote good quality time to others or to yourself. Really getting to know each other or yourself. 
No more talking about the weather or daily ordinary stuff or horrible news!
We want to talk and listen to something different, unique and fun! 
The way to get along is to know more about each other! 

So, ask, ask, ask!

You don't need to think about what to ask,
You just need this set of cards.
I am sure this is going to be fun!

All you need to do is ask others to join in. 
Be open, embrace shyness and have fun! 
Let's connect!