Bamboo brush long handle

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100 % natural dishwashing brush 

You see some cheap "eco brushes" at grocery stores. They are plastic bristles and contain animal hair bristles... Did you notice?

Our "Eco and Moco" brushes are all 100% natural. Sustainable Bamboo handles and bristles are made from 100% plant fibre. 

  • 100% plant-fibre, non-plastic bristles 
  • Sustainable bamboo handles 
  • Fully vegan
  • great for washing dishes
  • Soft bristles (If you need hard bristles we have another option click here)

After use, let the brushes to dry by either hanging up or standing on the bristles, allowing the water to flow away from moisture-sensitive areas.


Bamboo head: 5.3*5.3cm

bristle: 2.8cm

Bamboo handle: 18*1.9cm