"Be More Nature"


Spreading the idea of zero waste, reuse, recycle, reduce and sustainable living. A peaceful and sustainable environment, living in harmony with nature. We also want to support local artists and conduct our projects for a good cause to make better environment. 

To set up "A Well-Being Educational and Sustainable Community Centre" in WA. A place where people can connect and learn things related to sustainability, humanity, healthy lifestyle for well-being and better environment. Also sharing people's skills with workshops such as yoga, meditation, cooking, educational talks, and we can have a meal together. The centre will be based on permaculture systems. It is a bit like a school but for all ages :-)


Nagisa, The Founder of "Eco and Moco" began an online store in 2020 with the concept of sustainable living. Eco and Moco products are based on sustainability plus unique designs from a local artist in WA. 

Nagisa wants to replace daily household products with all natural products and create the sustainable living environment. Natural products are safer, attractive to the eye and are much better for the environment.  

Eco&Moco may have just started but Nagisa is very passionate about what he does and is motivated to spread sustainable living ideas and build a conscious community to be able to build the well being community centre one day. He is very passionate about living ethically and natural alternatives. There aren't enough ethical products, and truly ethical businesses out there, so Eco&Moco is set as one, a sustainable shop which provides you with awesome choices that are carefully sourced, tried and tested. 

 "Eco&Moco products are ethical, eco-friendly, organic, cute and will expand their range of products shortly for household, fashion, and lifestyle products.” 

"Eco&Moco is focusing on making responsible decisions for our environment and leading the way as a retailer. We believe our choice can make a difference and will make a better life for our environment and for ourselves.”


Nagisa Koga.. Founder of Eco&Moco