Natural Loofah Scrub 3pc

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Did you know that this is 100 % plant! This is a great alternative to plastic scrubs. It is totally sustainable and suitable for dishwashing or bathrooms or washes your body) When it's time to be thrown away, you can ditch it in a home compost bin as it's plant.
  • Material:   Loofah
  • Size: 7.8cm x 12.3cm each (before puffs up)
  • 3 x compostable loofah scrubs
Use & Care Instructions
  • Soak it in water for a few seconds until it puffs up and ready to use.
  • After use, allow the loofah to dry by hanging up, allowing the water to flow away from moisture-sensitive areas.


Eco and Moco
EARTH-FRIENDLY Brand and Australian design based in Perth, WA. We try our best for our planet + No plastic PACKAGINGS + 100% Carbon NEUTRAL DELIVERY + Plant a tree from your order. We choose natural, sustainable, organic, reusable and plastic-free alternative products as much as possible. We envision a peaceful and sustainable environment, living in harmony with nature = "Be More Nature," building a sustainable environment.

Customer Reviews

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Very nice with soft side to scrub and also a rough edge to use for tougher stains lasts a while and very affordable! I would recommend 😄 this product