Unknowingly exposed to over 10,000 potential toxins and chemicals… All before 10 am!

Unknowingly exposed to over 10,000 potential toxins and chemicals… All before 10 am!

Live clean, say bye to toxic products. Here is why.

How many of you are already start switching to non-toxic products?

We rise and shine ready to tackle another day. For many of us, our morning routines revolve around the home. We take our daily showers, brush our teeth, get dressed, do the morning dishes, clean the benches, and mop our floors. However, many of us may be unknowingly exposed to over 10,000 potential toxins and chemicals… All before 10 am! 💔

Let’s dive into each part of a typical morning routine and learn how you can create a more live clean morning that’s kind to you, your family, your kids, your pet and the environment.🙌

✅The bathroom -

Who doesn’t love kick-starting the morning with a refreshing and clean shower? It is a perfect wake-up! However, did you know that soup, body wash, and even facial cleansers may contain potentially harmful chemicals?

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and since it is porous, it absorbs whatever you put on it. Check your shower & bathroom items on the labels.

There are much safer alternatives, like shower gels, shave cream, body bars, and shampoo and conditioners.

✅The bedroom -

After shower, we head to our bedroom where we lather ourselves with creamy moisturisers and body butter to give our skin the extra attention and nourishment it needs. Little do we know the fragrance and creaminess of your products may contain toxins. Especially, deodorant, many deodorants contain aluminium. Check your product labels again.

There are reasons why cheap products are cheap and great quality products have value.

✅The kitchen -

We then head into the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

The kitchen is the hub of the home, the place where we prepare and nourish ourselves.

Is your kitchen bench wiped up and sprayed with a potentially harmful toxin-contained multi-purpose cleaner? And your plates washed with… ???

You don’t wanna eat a freshly cooked nice meal on plates that have been washed with chemical contained products. How about glasses you use for drinking water?

If you can smell the fragrance of the chemicals the substance of it is already in the air.

✅Laundry -

After the bedroom, we are getting dressed. We grub our clean clothes. However, check your laundry washing powder or liquid. Many chemicals are found in washing products and fabric softeners. If you can smell your clothes washing products the substances are still on your clothes. We breathe in all day every day. Avoid potentially harmful chemicals.

If you think these are extreme, go and do your own research. It is better to know than not know for your, and your family’s health.

There are reasons why nowadays natural products are getting more popular. What do you really want to choose for yourself, and your family? With cheap nasty harmful toxic products or safer and quality products, which do you take?

It might be something for you to think about.

Stay well

Stay positive

Live clean