Reusable Safety Razor WHITE + 5 Blades

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Billions of plastic razors are thrown away worldwide every year and most likely end up in a landfill. It is time to say bye and walk away from plastic products for the environment. Your choice will help make a positive change for our planet. 

Our Eco and Moco's Safety razors are one of the most popular Eco-Friendly products and a great alternatives to plastic razors/shavers. Choosing Eco and Moco Razors help reduce plastic on our planet. They are Modern, durable, reusable and Plastic-free safety razors that give you a smooth shave. Additionally, they are so unique, stylish, cool-looking and last for years! You don't have to worry and spend time and money on buying plastic razors again. Eco-Friendly products help you Save Money and Time! Many positive benefits. 

Sustainability is the way to our nature and planet. No harming and no toxicity. So, why don't you start sustainable/Eco-conscious living in your daily life with our Eco and Moco Reusable Safety Razor? 

  • Razor Type: Three Piece
  • Length: 11cm
  • Weight: 80g
  • Three colours to choose
  • Modern design and stylish looking
  • Unisex
  • Reusable
  • Includes 5 replacement blades
  • Last for years. No need to buy plastic ones anymore! 
  • Plastic Free!

 *How to replace blades: Simply twisting the head off the handle, place the blade inside the head and put the handle back on. 

Note: Tips for its longevity, it’s important to take good care of your safety razor.

To clean, rinse the blade and the razor with warm water. Make sure to dry the razor and blade well, and keep it in a dry place (Not recommending keep it in a shower or somewhere not dry) if you want to make it last. 

If you want to clean it more, you can wipe the razor and blade by rubbing alcohol and let it dry before store it.

The Blades

Use each blade until it becomes dull and/or rusty. Blades can be recycled or sharpen for further use. For recycling, store the blades in a tin or metal container for safety and once it’s filled, seal it and contact your local council for where and how you can recycle them.


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